Makeup Tips for Photo Shoot to Help You Achieve Captivating Photos

So you now have arranged for a professional photographer, picked the most beautiful set of outfits and venue for the photo-shoot and you can’t wait to start posing for photographs to collect as pieces of decors for your lovely home. But you may have forgotten an important aspect in the photo-shoot – your makeup! Of course, you might want to take things naturally – the photo-shoot is not for your wedding anyway so why bother with prepping up yourself? Actually, you should be thinking about getting made up.

Whether you are getting ready for a high school senior portrait session, or someone celebrating her first time being a mother, make up should be one of the first thing you have to remember. Makeup does make your photo look more stunning – it makes a difference, so it pays to know about makeup tips for photo shoot.

The Importance of Makeup in a Photo Shoot

It is important to decide what kind of makeup to use when you are going for a photo-shoot. Putting on makeup does not necessarily mean that you need to look very differently from your natural look (unless, you are doing a Halloween photo-shoot). The purpose of your makeup is to simply even out your skin tone and highlighting strong features in your face, such as the eyes, which can help produce better images. Choosing soft colors without shimmers and glitters can help create stunning pictures that could sell. Here are makeup tips for photo shoot that you can use so you can have natural yet strong-looking photos.

Eye Makeup

Light eye shadow is preferable compared to a dark one as this will not make you possess the raccoon look.  Moreover, lighter shade of eye shadow can highlight your eyes.  Make your eyes more pronounced by applying white color on your brow bone. An eye primer below the lashes can cover redness under your eyes. If you have to use a mascara, curl the lashes first – this is one of the useful makeup tips for photo shoot sessions.

Facial Makeup

As mentioned, the purpose of applying makeup is to even out the skin tone so you achieve a close to an airbrushed finish in your photos. Use a matte foundation that blends well with your skin color. With a translucent powder after the application of foundation, a matte finish look can be achieved. Avoid using glitter on your face – it is just too much. While glittery makeup may work if you are going out to the nightclub, on film it is just excessive. Expose your cheek dimensions and contours by choosing a beige/brown blush.

Lip Color

Applying lipstick can bring out the beautiful shape of your mouth and this can also be enhanced with the application of a lip liner. The trick to a lipstick color that works is to choose one shade darker than the color of your lips. This can produce a natural lip color without putting too much emphasis on the lip color.

These are just some of the many makeup tips for photo shoot to make you look good in front of the camera and in prints. Use these tips to produce photos that make you look natural, yet undeniably captivating.