8 Essential Guide to Success that can’t be Learned from Photography School

Photography school will teach you the over-all technicalities on how to operate a camera, how to maximize each shot and what other elements or materials a photographer needs to create that picture-perfect moment every time. As far as making it a sustainable livelihood however, it is best for Photography Colleges to have alternative learning sources or supplements, or methods learned outside the box, so to speak. Below are some tips based on an informal survey done by Photoshelter, an online photography school in its own right.

Things You Do Not Learn in Photography School

1.      Treat Others With Patience, Respect And Compassion

Every photographer has the right to be respected and be treated with compassion. Therefore, treat others with respect and compassion and you will reap bountiful leads and clients at your hand.

2.      Maintain A Balanced Life

Based on stock knowledge photographers are ruled by their passion to capture beauty at its finest. Now beauty is defined by the photographer himself. That makes it art. But the same passion can overcome any photographer which can transform them into slaves of their own craft. This is very hard to sustain and can lead to a photographer’s breakdown. Balance is the key to a long and sustaining career in any field. Make time for family, friends, loved ones and of course make time for your own self. Juggling so one does not suffer from the other. Thus, creating a perfect balance of your life.

3.      Be Ethical As A Photographer At All Times

Here are some ethical practices that every photographer should consider.

  • Autonomy- Show respect for the person whether or not he consents or declines to be photographed for it is his right.
  • Non-Maleficence (Do No Harm) – Create and use photos making sure that it would not do any harm to those people appearing in the pictures.
  • Beneficence (Do Good) – Always question if your intention of purpose for taking pictures is for the common good.
  • Fidelity – Keep it real in terms of subject, situation and identity.
  • Justice – Treat all people and communities that you photographed with equally.

4.      Have A Continued Creativity Stimuli

Creativity in problem solving is needed when a photographer lacks a positive stimuli to creating or finding stories to shoot. A study made by Ravi Mehta  and co-author Juliet Zhu likewise, found significant increase of creativity in problem solving. Their findings showed that with a blue colored background their participants excelled in their approach to very difficult problems that required using a great degree of creativity from their thoughts.

So who said that finding stories is expensive? Find your own blue background and try thinking while staring at that for some time.

5.      Celebrate your imperfections

Photography school would always teach you the best of the best. Thus, raising your standards to yourself at the highest level. But as humans we are all imperfect. So celebrate your mistakes, for life is a constant learning process.

6.      Practice Marketing Yourself

A camera is a tangible object, so as the pictures or images it produces. Photography school may teach you how to capture the best images, but, cameras cannot speak for itself. Your job is to find ways on how to highlight your images so that other may see value in your photos as what you see for yourself.

7.      Don’t Give In To Price-Wars

Photographers often short-sell themselves at the start thinking that this would create an edge over other photographers out there. This may work at the beginning, but selling your work short only cripples you to justify an increase of your worth in the long run.

Rather than this, carefully calculate. What is the value of an image? What’s the value of your time? . Then practice presenting your package confidently in front of a mirror till you get the hang of it.

8.      Treat Photography Not As Both An Art And A Business

Photography school only teaches you how to shoot pictures. What it doesn’t teach you is how do you sustain taking these pictures for a living. Reality check, photography is your business. Therefore, like any other businesses you have to learn different steps on how to make your business profitable.

Photography School Plus These Tips = “Cheese”

Now that you are equipped and freshly trained from photography school, shall we say CHEESE?