Useful Tips on How to Take Nice Portraits

Any photo reveals a story. For portraits of people, one look at the person’s face and it can already paint a thousand words. The portrait itself can reveal many things about the subject. As such, photographers have always been fascinated in taking portraits, both of high profile people and even ordinary individuals.

Whether you are a novice, relatively new in the craft, you can get portrait photo tips from experts in order to produce nice photos. Here are just some of the most useful portrait photo tips that you can use in your photo shoot.

Importance of Communication

Before you proceed with the actual photo shoot, it is very important that you get to know the model personally. Knowing the technical portrait photo tips is useless if you cannot relate and handle your clients.

You should know what exactly he/she wants to have in the portrait and the purpose of having the photo. In this aspect, it may vary since some would use portraits for their personal use while there are others who would use it for commercial purposes.

One of the most important portrait photo tips is for you to communicate with your clients and based on his/her personality and personal preferences; you can easily make the necessary adjustments.

The Right Choice of Lens

To produce a dramatic effect in the final render of the portrait, it is essential to use the right choice of lens. Depending on the environment and the actual scene, you need to know what type of lens is much more suitable to use.

This is one of the most effective portrait photo tips that you can use especially if you do not want the subject to appear too thin or stocky.

Choice of Aperture

Another aspect that you have to consider is the choice of aperture. Get a lens that has the largest aperture if you want to reduce the depth of the field and to lessen the blur in the background. For those who are working on a tight budget, they can go for lens with 85 mm or 100 mm with a maximum aperture of 1.8. Read more portrait photo tips as to how the choice of aperture can directly affect the outcome of your portrait.


Choose the Best Location

As the photographer unless the client suggests a particular location, you have the discretion to select the best and the most suitable location.

In taking nice portraits, you have to consider the environment since this can definitely affect the over-all quality of the photo. Make sure that you choose a location that will enhance the subject and the photo. But then again, the choice of location would depend on the kind of image you want to portray and where the portrait is going to be used.

Consider the Lighting

Another important things to keep in mind and many experts include these in their portrait photo tips to many photographers is the lighting. Of course, you would not want to take a portrait that has poor lighting since it will be difficult to see the subject.

Photographers who have studio lighting equipment will not have any problem since they can easily make the necessary adjustments. Those who are in off-site photo shoot locations; there is a need to use a scrim and reflector.