Basic Information on What is a Digital Camera

Do you still remember the time when there was not such thing as a digital camera?? Gone are the days when you have to wait long hours just to be able to see a photo. Thanks to the advancement in technology, people are now allowed to capture images in a digital form.

To understand how this works and to know what is a digital camera, let’s first talk about the word digital. Digital information is used to store an incredible amount of data that an analog is not capable doing. When taking a photo using a digital camera, the information is stored and turned into numbers. This impressive technology along with the use of a computer will allow people to look at the photographs in the highest quality possible.

Digital Camera: An Overview

what is a digital camera

A digital camera is a remarkable gadget that allows a person to record and store photos, videos and even audio. The photos can be viewed right away without the need to have it developed or printed in a dark room. These photos or videos can be uploaded in the computer for better viewing and it can also, like a normal film camera, be printed.

The difference between an old film camera and a digital camera is that a film camera develops films chemically for printing, while a digital camera only needs to be connected to a computer and from there be printed directly.

The physical features of a digital camera are still somehow similar to the old film cameras. It has lenses and it is of the same size and weight.

Different Kinds of Digicams

There are three different types of digital cameras, and we will look into each of them in detail below:

The Regular Point and Shoot Digital Camera

A point and shoot camera is the easiest to use and also the cheapest one to buy in the market. A person just literally needs to point the camera to the desired place and then shoot. These cameras normally have settings that can be adjusted to suit the user’s preferences. These include functions such as zooming in or out, flash lighting, exposure options, etc. These cameras normally have the resolution of 2 to 4 megapixels depending on the brand and model you choose.

Semi Professional Digital Camera

A semi professional digital camera looks and weighs almost the same as a point and shoot digital camera but don’t be fooled because it has different settings and features. It is more advanced and the results are so much better than a point and shoot camera. It has higher megapixels normally at 5 to 6 which means clearer photos. This camera is perfect for a person who already knows a little bit on taking photos. It gives the user more freedom to have more control when it comes to creativity.


A Digital Single Lens Reflex camera is perfect for use of a professional photographer. This digital camera is definitely not cheap and are mainly used in professional photo shoots. It is normally bigger and heavier than the two cameras discussed above. It has high resolution sensors that reach higher than 6 megapixels. It gives the photographer total creative control, allowing to adjust settings for different situations.


There are many Digital Camera Reviews available to help you refine your search for the perfect camera for you!



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