What You Need to Know about DSLR Cameras

DSLR CameraThere are so many different digital cameras that are being made and sold everywhere but there’s only one type that is perfect for professional photographers and that is a DSLR. A Digital Single Lens Reflex camera has larger image sensors, which means it produces higher quality photos than any smart phones and point and shoot digital cameras.

What Makes the DSLR Unique?

Another feature that is different for DSLRs is that you can change the lens. You can see exactly what the lens sees and whatever you capture is you want to, whether it is different movements or inanimate objects. Single lens cameras follow one process. It begins when a light passes on a mirror and the mirror then gets reflected to the light and focuses on a screen. So when you capture a photo, the mirror moves up then the shatter opens to expose the digital sensor to light up.

The reason why professional photographers use Digital SLRs as opposed to compact cameras is because they have the freedom to adjust and be more creative with the photo taking process. Point and shoot does only that, point to something that you want to capture then take a photo, while DSLRs have different lens for different occasions. There’s the availability of a wide angle lens for landscape photography and at the same time, macro lens for tiny images with a lot of details.

DSLRs are also built for speed. It has a shutter mechanism that allows having photo taken instantly without having to wait for the photo process to end to be able to take a new one. It is built to capture movements continuously without sacrificing the quality. When you press the shutter button, it snaps open and it goes on until you like it to. If you are taking a photo of a moving vehicle, a dancing person or a running animal, the end photo won’t be blurry. It will still have high quality results.

DSLR are also good with taking photos even at night or when there’s not a lot of lighting in the place without the need for a flash. When using a flash, it takes away the real colors of the environment, but if you want it to have the same exact look, then DSLR have an ISO feature that makes the camera produce high quality photographs in low light.

Why Should You Choose a DSLR

It seems intimidating to amateur photographers to get a DSLR since it takes some time to learn how to operate one, however, it is completely worth it. Sure it is a lot more expensive than a regular digital camera but the photo results will exceed that of a regular one in any given day. You will have complete control over how your photos would look like, as opposed to a point and shoot cameras that already have an automatic setting that decides which one is the best for you. Photos taken from a DSLR can also be printed out in large sizes and will be able to enhance the beauty of photographs.