With the advancement of technology comes so many new cameras available in different sizes, shapes and features in the market, manufactured by quite a number of camera companies all over the world.  To get a closer look at the most popular camera companies, here’s a brief introduction to the top five most loved digital camera manufacturers .


Canon is a Japanese company that specializes in manufacturing cameras, photocopy machines and printers. They do not just cater to the Asian market but also worldwide. Canon cameras are preferred the most by professional photographers as it has been making high quality cameras and pleasing users since the year 1933. They have 2 different types of products – Canon Power Shots for the regular point and shoot style and Canon EOS for the more advanced SLR models. Canon popularized the HS System, which stands for high sensitivity. This allows users to take photos at night or in dark places and still have quality results.


Nikon is another popular Japanese camera manufacturer. It was founded in 1917 and is part of the Mitsubishi group. It is as popular as its competition, Canon, but it also has several distinct qualities that are attractive to both professional and amateurs. There are three different groups of cameras that Nikon produces: the Nikon Coolpix which are stylish easy to use point and shoot cameras, Nikon 1 is a more advanced semi-pro camera that has interchangeable lenses and the Digital SLR cameras which has the most features and available setting perfect for professional photographers.


Fujifilm is also one of the most popular camera companies in the world, and it is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It was established in 1937. They are considered to be the first company to produce digital cameras and the first one to also introduce a removable flash card. They have two main types of digital cameras from the fashionable point and shoot to the impressive digital SLR. Compared to other brands, Fujifilm is known to produce cheaper and user-friendly cameras than the other brands in the market.


Olympus introduced their fist camera in 1936. Their cameras or more on the high end scale because of the many different advance features it offers. They are the designers of the Four Thirds System. This allows the interchange of different lenses. They have three major types of Digital cameras: The Olympus point and shoot, which is their most affordable style. Their point and shoot cameras are available up to 16 megapixels. They also have the Olympus PEN series, which are half frame semi pro cameras. Last but not the least is the Olympus E series. These are their digital SLR cameras perfect for professional photography.


Sony is another Japanese multimillion-dollar camera manufacturer. This pioneer in camera companies is known for making colorful, fun and fashionable digital cameras. Sony has 3 main types of cameras: the Sony Alpha, Sony Cyber shot and Sony NEX. All of these cameras boast of high megapixels and reasonable price. Sony cameras area also user friendly so even the newbies can enjoy handling a camera and taking photos every time.


Why create a business plan for photography? Photography is an art form from which an artist can derive pleasure on the photos he is producing. Whether it’s street photography or fashion photography, a photographer can get money from his hobby or passion as long as he has a successful business plan for photography.

The Photography Business Plan

photography business planPreparation is what we need in life in order to become successful. An aspiring businessperson needs to oversee important aspects of a business such as business plan for photography, company overview, business environment, company description, financial review, and action plan.

Draft a business plan for photography and review it. Use detachment and let days pass by if needed so you can ponder and analyze all aspects of the photography business that you want to engage in.

Other essentials that you need to address are equipment, staff, and management. Don’t be too anxious because tools and skills are inexpensive nowadays. DSLRs and digital cameras are cheaper today because the demand is high. Photography seminars and workshops are also easily available. It’s also free to learn advanced photography and graphic editing skills online via YouTube and related sites.

Fashion or Commercial Photography

Determine your skills or niche and make a decision. Do you want to become the next Richard Avedon, William Klein, Irving Penn, or Juergen Teller? Do you want to create new ways on presenting an image or a model? You can become the next famous photographer on magazines such as Vogue, and you might become the next trendsetter.

Commercial photography is much more accessible than fashion photography because everyone else is doing it. Anyone who has a DSLR can become a wedding or an events photographer, with or without a team. You can start as an apprentice or an assistant to someone you know in the industry and gradually climb up the ladder as  you gain more experience and clout.

Street Photography as a Business

It’s not just you becoming the next Robert Frank, William Eggleston, or Henri-Cartier Bresson. You might earn money through exhibits at the Museum of the Modern Art, and you can earn royalties through photo books, speaking engagements, and retrospectives. But it’s not all about that because you can also sell your images as stock photos.  All the greats had to start somewhere, chances are it was a solid business plan for photography.

Professional Advice and Feasibility Studies

Ask someone you know who is a successful photographer, artistic or business wise. All great photographers and successful businessmen have mentors in one way or another. Just like William Klein have mentored Daido Moriyama, and William Eggleston is a close friend of Juergen Teller.

Interview people you know for their success stories and business tips. If you don’t know anyone then you can always Google people and read interviews and articles about famous and successful photographers, and maybe even glean some tips of how to prepare your photography business plan.

It’s Always About Passion

If you love photography or the business aspect of it, then you’ll do everything possible to attain needed skills and equipment in order to become successful. The photography business might be costly for some but not for people who love to capture moments and create images.

You can become a distant photographer like Henri-Cartier Bresson or you can be engaging like William Klein. You can also become a hotshot commercial photographer in your area with a soliid business plan for photography.

Successful Business Plan for Photography

If you have a successful business plan for photography and your heart is into it, then success will come naturally, try searching for a Home-Based Photography Business Plan