Olympus Foam Float Strap, 202212, Red

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OLYMPUS 202212 Floating Camera Strap (Red)

  • For the Olympus Stylus SW series digital cameras
  • Keeps camera afloat
  • Bright colored strap sits high in the water making it easy to spot
  • Color : Red

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Customer Review: Beware — it doesn’t float!!!
I have been a fan of the Stylus Tough series. I had a 770 SW then bought a 1030 SW — I use them for skiing, snorkeling and kayaking. I bought this “float” strap and tested it before going out in my kayak. It seemed to have just enough flotation to support the camera. While out on a river with gentle current I tossed the camera to a friend in a kayak about 8 feet away. The camera with float attached hit the water, hung just below the surface for a moment and then, bizarrely, sank! The water was murky and there was enough of a current the camera was lost. I contacted Olympus, complaining that calling this item a float was misleading to say the least. They would not replace the camera but only offered a small discount on a replacement. They should be honest and call it something else — either it floats or it doesn’t and it my case it didn’t

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