Vello TTL-Off-Camera Flash Cord for Canon EOS – 3 feet 1 m

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The Vello TTL-Off-Camera Flash Cord provides creative photographers with the ability to remotely fire off-camera Canon Speedlites. Removing the flash from the camera’s hot shoe allows the photographer to create unique and dramatic lighting styles that are not possible with a traditional shoe-mounted strobe.

One side of the TTL cable fits directly into the camera’s hot shoe to ensure that all of the camera’s exposure data is maintained. The other side can be attached to any stand, tripod, or device with a standard 1/4″-20 threaded stud or flash shoe mount.

This coiled cord measures 3′ (1 m), allows for handheld shooting at arm’s length, and provides extra length for flash brackets with longer positioning arms.

Other available lengths are:

  • 1.5′ (0.5 m) – ideal for hand-held lighting styles, or when keeping the flash mounted on a compact flash bracket
  • 6.5′ (2 m) – accommodates keeping the flash mounted on a lightstand with an umbrella, while staying in close proximity
  • 33′ (10 m) Universal TTL Cord – ideal for a hard wired solution with more range of motion

    Canon SLR/DSLR cameras with TTL hot shoe
    All E-TTL and E-TTL II compatible flashes (e.g. 430EX/EX II, 580 EX/EX II, etc.)

    3.0′ (1 m) Coiled Cord
    Its 3.0′ (1 m) length accommodates off-camera hand-held technique

    Off-Camera Lighting
    Off-camera lighting can reduce harsh shadows of direct on-camera flash and gives your images a more natural look.

    Cord Length: 3.0′ (1.0 m) extended, 1.0′ (35 cm) relaxed

    • Maintains Full TTL Connection | 3.0′ (1 m) Coiled Cord
    • Mounts to Flash Shoe | Mounts to 1/4″-20 Threaded Studs
    • Reduce Harsh Shadows | Compares to Canon OC-E3
    • 1-Year Limited Warranty

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    Customer Review: Excellent value and O.E. substitute.
    I used this cable to operate a Canon 430EX flash off-camera from a Canon EOS 7D. This setup functioned perfectly in eTTL mode. The cord comes packaged in a high quality box and seems well made having a matte black finish on plastic parts with a coiled cord section that feels robust. The hot shoe adapter on the camera side has a locking mechanism and is furnished with a rubber lip to protect its connections and the camera. The hot shoe adapter on the flash side features a female 1/4-20 thread for tripod or light stand mounting and has a locking ring. I think this product is an excellent alternative to the O.E. offerings at a very good price. Cost savings were not evident in either the materials or the functionality – well done, Vello!

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